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Veggie Grill Expanding Despite The Scarcity Of People Who Are Vegetarians And Vegans

A Gallup poll taken in August 2018 reported that only 5% of Americans considered themselves vegetarians and only 3% vegans. Yet millennials aged 18-29 are slightly higher with 7% vegetarians.

But Veggie Grill, a chain of veggie-centric and plant-based food, has defied those small numbers and recently opened its 33rd location including two new stores in 2019 in downtown Los Angeles and Chicago. Their outposts are located mostly...

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The Brand Leading the Next Generation of Casual Dining

Chris Simms fell in love with the restaurant industry as an adolescent. But his father, Tom, one of the original owners of Mimi’s Cafe, didn’t push him in that direction. In fact, there was no pressure to go into the family business at all,...

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