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Brentwood Gets First Dividend From K-Mac as Fundraising Continues, Reports peHUB and Fortune

Portfolio Company News: K-Mac and Paper Source

Brentwood Associates has received its first dividend from K-Mac Holdings, reports peHUB. Bill Barnum, managing partner at Brentwood Associates, commented: "K-Mac’s debt, after the dividend, is lower than when Brentwood acquired it."The...

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Bill Gates Shows his Extensive Collection of Great Courses on 60 Minutes

Brentwood Associates portfolio company: The Teaching Company

In a recent profile with "60 Minutes," Bill Gates showed his extensive collection of The Great Courses from The Teaching Company, a Brentwood Associates portfolio company. “The more you learn,” Bill Gates said during his interview...

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Brentwood Associates Recapitalizes K-Mac and Paper Source

Dividend recapitalizations of K-Mac and Paper Source

Brentwood Associates (“Brentwood”), a consumer-focused private equity investment firm, announced it has completed dividend recapitalizations of two of its portfolio companies, K-Mac Holdings, Corp. (“K-Mac”) and Paper Source,...

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Veggie Grill Brings Plant-Based food to a Mass Audience, According to The NY Times

The New York Times considers whether healthy fast food is possible.

Once again, Veggie Grill is proving that a general audience is craving healthy and delicious vegan options. According to the New York Times, "Veggie Grill, Lyfe Kitchen, Tender Greens and others have solved the challenge of bringing...

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Veggie Grill Raises $20M in Private Equity Funding

LA Times, Fortune, Yahoo! News, and other media outlets sharing the news about Veggie Grill

Veggie Grill, a Santa-Monica based chain of vegan restaurants, has raised $20 million in common-stock funding from both current shareholders and new investors, the Los Angeles Times reported. A large portion of this investment was...

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