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Founded in 1997, Credentials Solutions specializes in identifying time and labor-intensive administrative processes at post-secondary institutions and replacing them with simplified, automated software solutions at a lower cost to the institutions. Its transcript solutions offering consists of TranscriptsPlus, RoboRegistrar, TranscriptsNetwork and eRoboMail. These solutions automate the online and mail transcript ordering service and are tailored to fit each institution’s unique policies and procedures. The Company’s ParkingPlus solution automates the permit application, payment, production and distribution of parking permits for post-secondary institutions and municipalities. In 2017, Credentials introduced its eduCheck offering, which provides seamless online degree and enrollment verification. In partnership with management, Brentwood completed its growth investment in Credentials Solutions in 2018. Credentials merged with Parchment in January, 2020.

Deal Team
Craig Milius, Partner
Steve Moore, Partner
Toros Yeremyan, Managing Director – Capital Markets