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Founded by Robert Redford in 1989 and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, the company’s eclectic product offerings are predominantly exclusive and offered through its catalogs, website, an outlet store and retail stores. The company is one of several Sundance brand entities including the Sundance Channel, the Sundance Institute, Sundance Cinemas and the Sundance Resort.

Brentwood acquired Sundance in July 2012 and has supported the company as it continues to execute on its growth initiatives, including developing a robust customer database, refining its customer targeting strategy, growing its apparel business through new product development and expanding its e-commerce marketing efforts. As a result, several of Sundance’s key product segments, as well as its customer file, have seen significant growth since acquisition. The company has also completed several key management hires and is excited to pursue its retail growth strategy in the near term.