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Delivered in engaging, expertly produced video and audio (digital streaming, downloads, DVDs and CDs), these carefully crafted courses provide access to a world of knowledge from the most accomplished professors and experts. The content-rich, proprietary library spans over 500 titles with over 7,000 hours and 13,000 lectures designed to expand horizons, deepen understanding and foster epiphanies in the arts, science, literature, self-improvement, history, music, philosophy, theology, economics, mathematics, business, professional advancement, personal growth and high school curriculum. Wondrium (formerly The Teaching Company) was founded in 1990 and is based in Chantilly, Virginia.

Brentwood acquired Wondrium in September 2006. Upon acquisition, Brentwood worked closely with the company to build out the marketing and product development functions. Leveraging these investments, the company built two new studios with high-definition capability and upgraded the course development process by incorporating greater use of visual elements and graphics. The company also completed a thorough rebranding (logo, marketing materials and product packaging) and upgraded its website with new functionality, including customer ratings and reviews, new product navigation and a redesigned check-out cart. Lastly, Brentwood has worked with the company to develop a comprehensive digital content delivery platform (downloading and streaming of video courses) to enhance the company’s traditional DVD and CD formats, and most recently launched mobile apps to facilitate customer consumption of the digital formats.

Deal Team
Bill Barnum, Partner
Eric Reiter, Partner 
Toros Yeremyan, Managing Director- Capital Markets