We Help Consumer Businesses
Accelerate Growth

For over 30 years, Brentwood Associates has been partnering with the leaders of consumer-focused businesses to help them reach their full potential and drive rapid, sustainable growth.

Reinventing the concept of fast, fresh, Mediterranean comfort food with a focus on balanced, healthy living.

Focusing on lifelong learning and personal enrichment through a vast assortment of horizon-expanding media.

Founded by Robert Redford and incorporating the Sundance spirit into women’s fine fashions, jewelry, and the home.

Meshing the old-world quality of an iconic brand with new-world technology and inventory management to satisfy the most discerning shoe buyers.

An unforgettable, rustic restaurant experience with a crave-worthy menu and the companionship of your closest family and friends.

The leading retailer of action-oriented sports apparel for active youth and young adults.