Brentwood Associates Announces Second Dividend Recapitalization of The Teaching Company

Portfolio Company News: The Teaching Company

Brentwood Associates announced today it has completed a second recapitalization of its portfolio company, The Teaching Company Holdings, Inc. This recapitalization, the second in the last twelve months, was financed through a $170 million credit facility. Brentwood has realized a return of capital in excess of its original investment, while leaving its ownership stake unchanged.
The Teaching Company has continued its impressive financial performance despite a challenging macroeconomic environment, and this year is on track to more than triple its revenue and profitability since our original acquisition in 2006,” said Eric Reiter, a Partner at Brentwood. He continued, “The Company is led by an outstanding management team that continues to execute on several important strategic initiatives, including successfully implementing a digital distribution platform and exploring new distribution partnerships to reach more customers. This is a very exciting time for the Company as it looks to expand its premium-quality, highly-engaging educational content across a variety of new distribution channels.”

Bill Barnum, a Partner at Brentwood and co-founder of the firm’s private equity effort, added, “The Teaching Company, at its core, is dedicated to providing an exceptional and engaging experience to its large base of passionate and loyal customers. The Company achieves this by creating high quality courses taught by extraordinary professors and subject matter experts. Given the evolving media landscape, we believe The Teaching Company is very well positioned to continue on its aggressive growth path.”