Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Partner with Company Hims & Hers on Accessible Healthcare

“We remember what it was to grow up not being able to afford decent care,” says Jennifer Lopez.

Photo: Nedim Vrabac / Hims & Hers

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s star power might be astronomical, but the two will never forget their humble beginnings growing up in the Bronx and New York City, respectively. It’s part of the reason why today, the duo are expanding their role with telehealth company Hims & Hers to help make healthcare and self-care accessible to, and affordable for, those in underserved communities. And in an exclusive interview with People, the new brand partners opened up about this important collaboration.

“We’re always focused on providing for people who grew up the way we did,” says Lopez. “We feel like now we’re in a different kind of privilege and our kids are growing up differently, but we remember what it was to grow up not being able to afford decent care.”

Photo: Nedim Vrabac / Hims & Hers

With a team of more than 200 of licensed physicians and nurse practitioners across the U.S., and appointment prices starting at $39 (including the cost of any medication, if necessary), the company’s goal is for everyone to be able to seek treatment. (Hims & Hers’ providers are authorized to diagnose and fill prescriptions for more than two dozen conditions, from asthma to urinary tract infections.)

“We saw it as a company that was offering a modern approach to health and wellness in a way that was responsible and accessible. It’s so great to be a part of,” says Lopez.

And Rodriguez notes that the platform combats the stigma associated with talking about sensitive issues.

“It facilitates things that can be very challenging, whether that’s [discussing] embarrassing issues, or going to the pharmacy and waiting on-line.”

Photo: Nedim Vrabac / Hims & Hers

Lopez agrees. “All of that anonymity and the distance, it’s a plus.”

Not only are the two hoping to help democratize healthcare, they’re also trying to encourage self-care.

“Like everybody else, we’re just trying to hold it together and not get too depressed over the situation that we’ve been in over the past few months,” Lopez says. “For me, meditating really helps to quiet the mind. But Hims & Hers offers mental health services, which is really great.”

Photo: Nedim Vrabac / Hims & Hers

But Hims & Hers doesn’t stop at services. The company also provides personal care products — and Lopez and Rodriguez are weaving them into their routines.

“My hair was over-worked, and so burnt out from so many years and so many jobs,” says Lopez. The damage led her to a mission to find a solution.

“Since I started trying the Minoxidil 2% [topical scalp treatment], honestly, my hair’s grown about four inches in the past six months,” she says, adding that it feels thicker, too.

Now, Lopez uses the treatment in combination with the company’s shampoo and conditioner. “[Hims & Hers] has really basic, clean products with the right ingredients. It’s nothing overly-fancy, and perfumed. It’s just good.”

Photo: Nedim Vrabac / Hims & Hers

“[Skin-care] really hasn’t been that important to me for a long time, unfortunately. And playing over 25 years of professional baseball and being exposed to the sun pretty much every day of my life, in many ways I’m paying the price now. But I’m catching up, and I do see improvement,” Rodriguez says, adding, “The Goodnight Wrinkly Cream is my favorite. Also, the Morning Glow Vitamin C Serum. I wish I’d had this at the beginning of my career.”

The products are available for a one-time purchase, but once you’re hooked like these two, you can set up a subscription.

Especially right now, with the population practicing social distancing, “It’s very easy to have your products just come every month,” Lopez says.

Another plus? Ranging from $15 to $39, they don’t come with a hefty price tag.

“It’s really important to make products that are affordable for everybody,” says Rodriguez.

Photo: Nedim Vrabac / Hims & Hers

And amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has made primary care visits available in Spanish, and also have FDA-authorized at-home COVID-19 test kits both additions Lopez praises.

The company’s ability to pivot to meet the needs of the public, especially in underserved communities, impresses Rodriguez as well.

“We really believe in [Co-Founder] Jack Abraham to [CEO] Andrew Dudum’s vision, the ability to execute. Anybody can have a good idea. Not too many people can execute at the level.”

Adds Lopez, “It’s serving 100% of the population. That’s always important to us.”

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Partner with Company Hims & Hers on Accessible Healthcare