L-Nutra, Inc. Announces New Leadership in Therapeutics and Consumer Divisions

John L. Brooks III joins L-Nutra as President of Nutritech Therapeutics Division; Manos Spanos joins as President of Consumer Division

PLANO, Texas– (BUSINESS WIRE)–L-Nutra, Inc. is a leading NutriTech company aimed at developing Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine programs to enhance Human Longevity and Healthspan. L-Nutra has made Fasting more accessible to human lifestyle with its breakthrough Fasting Mimicking Diet® and developed one of the first medically tailored meals program called Nutrition for Longevity®. The company’s leadership in the ‘Food as Medicine’ movement will be further enhanced under its visionary executives:

John L. Brooks III joins L-Nutra, Inc. as president of L-Nutra’s Nutritech Therapeutics Division, which leverages the power of the Fasting Mimicking Diet® to develop plant-based therapeutics and digital health disease management platforms that target a number of diseases, leading with diabetes. Brooks brings over 40 years of experience to the company, with former roles at numerous life science and medical entities, including the Joslin Diabetes Center at Harvard, Prism Venture Partners and Pfizer. Brooks holds a proven track record of successfully providing strong leadership along with strategic, financial, and funding expertise to these companies and will manage L-Nutra’s healthcare fasting and longevity programs.

Manos Spanos joins the company as president of L-Nutra’s Consumer Division and will bring over 20 years of leadership expertise in marketing of consumer food and beverage products. Manos held previous roles at Danone NA, PepsiCo and Johnson & Johnson. Through his former leadership positions, Manos has honed his talent for developing game-changing campaigns and igniting innovation. He is looking forward to continuing to raise brand awareness for L-Nutra’s groundbreaking, science-backed nutrition programs and products.

“We are thrilled to expand our team and welcome John and Manos to L-Nutra. With such extensive experience in consumer health and life sciences, we are confident that they will accelerate L-Nutra’s mission and leadership in the Fasting and Longevity markets. Alongside the funding and operational support of our investment partners at Brentwood Associates, L-Nutra is on track for exceptional growth and major global social impact,” said Joseph Antoun, CEO and Chairman of L-Nutra, Inc.

About L-Nutra

L-Nutra uses breakthrough science to create products designed to enhance human health, longevity and mindfulness of your body and healthy eating. L-Nutra is leading the discovery, design, and commercialization of novel, plant-based nutrition programs and therapeutics with the mission of enhancing human health-span up to 100 years. ProLon®, the first and only clinically tested 5-day fasting meal program recommended by doctors, is designed to allow your body to enter a fasting state while still allowing you to consume nutrient-dense foods. L-Nutra also created Fast Bar®, the first nutrition bar specifically designed for intermittent fasting. Nutrition for Longevity® is L-Nutra’s science-backed, chef-curated meal program, featuring farm-to-table meals formulated to address the nutritional deficiencies in today’s commercially grown produce. For more info, visit https://l-nutra.com/.

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L-Nutra, Inc. Announces New Leadership in Therapeutics and Consumer Divisions