Lindora & L-Nutra Announce Partnership

Lindora brings L-Nutra’s flagship product, ProLon, to clients as part of their cardiometabolic solutions

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Lindora, Southern California’s leading weight management and metabolic health practice, announces a partnership with L-Nutra Inc., the premier nutri-technology company spearheading longevity science nutrition programs. Together, L-Nutra and Lindora will use the science of Fasting Mimicking Diets (FMD) to help clients at their 31 boutiques improve their metabolic health.

L-Nutra’s flagship product, Prolon, is a 5-Day guided FMD program that is scientifically proven to induce cellular rejuvenation and improve metabolic function by mimicking the effects of a prolonged water fast while still providing food. Coupled with their on-site, medically guided client care, Lindora will begin offering Prolon as a supplementary program for clients suffering from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, insulin resistance, among other conditions.

“At Lindora, we are dedicated to coaching our clients in all aspects of their metabolic health journey,” said Colleen Lewis, CEO of Lindora. “We are so excited to now have L-Nutra’s data-backed, science-led product as part of our offerings. We are confident that Prolon will help our clients improve their metabolic health scores.”

“Our 7+ years of research studying the effects of Prolon on varying metabolic diseases, specifically diabetes and cardiovascular disease, consistently shows the power of FMD in managing and even reversing metabolic risk factors for these conditions,” said Michael Lawsky, President of L-Nutra Corporate and Chief Corporate Development & Strategy Officer. “L-Nutra is proud to partner with Lindora to help their clients achieve their wellness goals.” 

A study published in Science Transitional Medicine shows that those who followed the FMD for three months had reduced body weight, overall body fat, exhibited lowered blood pressure and triglycerides, and had improved blood glucose levels. C-reactive protein, a marker for internal inflammation and an independent risk factor for disease, was also reduced in those following Prolon consistently.

Clients who receive L-Nutra products through Lindora will be offered guidance and supervision through Lindora practitioners.

Founded in 1971, Lindora is southern California’s leading weight management and metabolic health practice, delivering a medically guided approach to lasting wellness. The nationally recognized brand has taught hundreds of thousands of people how to lose weight and learn healthier habits through their 31 wellness boutiques. Learn more about Lindora by visiting

L-Nutra, the premier nutri-technology company, is leading the discovery, design and commercialization of novel nutrition programs and botanical therapeutics to enhance human healthspan. L-Nutra translates the science behind Fasting Mimicking Nutrition and Nutrition for Longevity with breakthrough discoveries to promote healthy aging and to advance the development of therapeutic solutions for age-related diseases. L-Nutra is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality products backed by credible science and research. With the world’s health in mind, each product is formulated to provide protective and rejuvenating health benefits while maximizing safety, nourishment, taste and variety. For more information visit

SOURCE L-Nutra Inc.