New Name for Apparel Retailer – Beyond Proper

The women’s clothing and accessories brand Boston Proper has changed its name.

The Florida-based company will now be called Beyond Proper by Boston Proper. Sheryl Clark, president, explained the reasoning behind the change in a letter posted on the company’s site and social media platforms.

“We’re not from Boston,” Clark wrote. “Never have been, and we knew it was time for a name that fully embodies our beloved brand.”

Clark assured customers that the new name does not signify any change in strategy or re-branding.

“We’re not turning our backs on years of loyalty, memories and stories that made us who we are,” she wrote. “Beyond Proper by Boston Proper is a brand dedicated to making curated fashion accessible and wearable for real women at any age. We believe in shaking up the status quo, going beyond what’s expected and never settling. This name better defines those beliefs.”

The decision is timely in the wake of current events, Clark added.

“With the changing retail landscape, the need for brand authenticity and the global women’s movement that is upon us, we knew the timing couldn’t be better for this evolution,” she said.

Boston Proper began as a catalog-based company in 1992 and expanded into e-commerce. In 2016, it was acquired by private equity firm Brentwood Associates from Chico’s FAS.

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New Name for Apparel Retailer