Veggie Grill Named One of 2016’s Most Innovative Consumer Brands

Portfolio Company: Veggie Grill listed as one of CircleUp’s most innovative consumer brands of 2016.

For the fourth consecutive year, CircleUp scoured the country to identify and celebrate the 25 most innovative brands of the year. The winners are going against the grain, breathing new life into staid consumer categories and creating new categories entirely. They are improving the way we live our lives by improving what we eat, drink, wear and do.

Why did Veggie Grill make the list? For making vegetables a mainstream fast casual menu item with over 25 locations. Even with an entirely plant-based menu, everyone can find something delicious at these bright, modern restaurants. Veggie Grill is rumored to be on the move to Middle America so more people across the nation can enjoy its healthful meals.

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